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Live Edge Dining Table Made Furniture Studio

Live Edge

Named for the vibrant, dynamic nature of its design, our Live Edge concept introduces a one-of-kind element into custom furniture. Each Live Edge table top is one solid, singular piece of wood, nodding to the grandeur of the natural world.

Our Live Edge tables make the perfect statement piece for any deserving conference or dining space. We can accommodate any size and length as well as custom inlays and power cord centers for office spaces.


Rather than steel and plastic, add a warm sense of the earth’s natural elements into your office space for a healthy, inviting and productive workplace. This chic style will set your office apart from the drab, gray office spaces, inspiring life, individuality, and creativity in your company.

Live Edge dining table Made Furniture Studio
Live Edge dining table Made Furniture Studio


To create a Live Edge piece, we start with a completely unique slab of wood, chosen for its color, quality, and character. This elegant slab undergoes a careful process of honing and crafting meant to showcase its beauty and individuality.


We offer a large selection of bases to complement your live edge slab. Whether you’re looking for a wood or metal base, browse our collection or reach out to create something custom in a variety of colors and finishes.

Live edge dining table Made Furniture Studio